Improving Home Improvement

Mighty is turning the home improvement experience into a straightforward and seamless process, download the app on iOS or Android.



Our app allows sellers to buy pre-priced packages to fix up their homes and get it ready for sale.

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Home Selling services

Services to help you get your home ready for sale.


INSpection reportS

Correct small defects that every home has or come up with a plan for larger repairs


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New Home BUYER 

 home maintenance package

Coming Soon!



Whether you're a buying a new home, selling your home, a real estate agent, or a homeowner; Mighty can help. From complete overhauls to adding the finishing touches we make the home improvement process simple.


Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can upload their inspection reports to get quick estimates and schedule repairs buyers need to get done before closing. 


Home Buyers / Sellers

Whether you're buying, selling, or just need work done around your house Mighty makes it easy. You can even upload your entire inspection report and get an free quote within 48 hours.



Mighty brings quality and reliability to homeowners and real estate agents by partnering with  contracting companies who provide Mighty with a strong workforce. This workforce is trained, knowledgeable, reliable and respect every home they work in. 

Mighty’s service and team has exceeded all my expectations… and I absolutely plan to work with them in the future!
— Linda A.
I started using Mighty for my honey to do list projects and have absolutely loved their quality of contractors and work. Everything is so quick and convenient. Looking forward to using their services this summer for some home renovation work!
— Rebecca S
So glad to have had such a pleasant experience with Mighty! They were very professional, gave us fair pricing, and had a phenomenal company concept. Hope to work with them again soon!
— Judy J

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